Bluesky Aerial Mapping Features in New Orbx Flight Simulator Products

Bluesky Orbx SpitfireLeicestershire, 01 November 2018 – Orbx Simulation Systems, one of the original producers of flight simulation add-ons, is working with Bluesky to develop new products and technologies for the UK. Utilising nationwide coverage of Bluesky’s aerial photography, Orbx will use its in-house developed tools to create realistic in-flight imagery of the underlying landscapes. Additional detail, derived from Bluesky’s National Tree Map and Heighted Building datasets, is being used to add 3D objects to produce accurate and realistic simulations.

“When we decided to launch an exciting range of new products and technologies for the UK we approached Bluesky as they were the only company offering the variety of data we required with the coverage we needed,” commented Tony Wroblewski, Lead Developer at Orbx Simulation Systems. “The aerial photography from Bluesky is also the most up to date available and importantly does not have cloud cover. Bluesky were responsive and helpful throughout the entire process.”

Bluesky Orbx BAThe Bluesky data used by Orbx includes nationwide coverage of high resolution orthorectified aerial photography, which is continuously updated on a rolling three year programme. Orbx is also using Bluesky’s unique National Tree Map database, which details the location, height and canopy cover of nearly 300 million trees and its Heighted Building database, which provides accurate height measurement for around 40 million buildings.

The team behind Orbx developed its first terrain project for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS2004). Encouraged by an overwhelming response the series, known as Vista Australia or VOZ, became the most popular download for Microsoft FS2004 with a thriving user community and growing interest from designers and developers. With the advent of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X (FSX), Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D (P3D) and Laminar Research’s X-Plane 11, Orbx continues to capitalise on new engines redefining the boundaries of high resolution terrain scenery and airports.

Over the past eight years Orbx has invested heavily in building an impressive collection of intellectual property including unique object libraries, new Flow technologies and a proven workflow for building exciting terrain regions and highly detailed airports. Orbx now actively develops for multiple flight simulation platforms and has released over 130 of its award winning payware FTX products and over 500 freeware products.

About Bluesky
Bluesky is a specialist in aerial survey including aerial photography, LiDAR and thermal data, using the very latest survey technology, including two UltraCam Eagles and a Teledyne Optech Galaxy LiDAR system integrated with a PhaseOne camera and thermal sensor. An internationally recognised leader with projects extending around the globe, Bluesky is proud to work with prestigious organisations such as Google, the BBC and Government Agencies. Bluesky has unrivalled expertise in the creation of seamless, digital aerial photography and maintains national “off the shelf” coverage of aerial photography, DTM and DSM through an ongoing three-year update programme. By purchasing a world first sensor for the simultaneous capture of LiDAR, Thermal and Aerial Photography data, Bluesky is in the enviable position of being able to provide customers with unique and cost effective solutions. Bluesky is leading the way in developing innovative solutions for environmental applications, including the UK’s first National Tree Map (NTM), solar mapping and citywide ‘heat loss’ maps and is currently developing noise and air quality mapping products.

About Orbx
Orbx Simulation Systems are the leading scenery specialists for PC flight simulation. With products spanning four simulators (FSX, P3D, X-Plane 11, and Aerofly 2) Orbx continues to redefine scenery and region technology within the space.