Handheld Announces Free MaxGo Android Apps for Staging And Security

Handhed Maxgo

MaxGo is a suite of Android apps that allows easy and efficient configuration of staging and security settings

[Lidköping, Sweden, October 9, 2018.] Handheld Group, a leading supplier of rugged mobile computers, today announced the release of MaxGo, a suite of Android apps that allows easy configuration of staging and security settings. MaxGo apps are available at no cost for all Handheld Android rugged computer users.

MaxGo software apps are designed to facilitate an even easier, safer experience for Handheld customers and their clients using rugged Android devices. This growing suite of applications allows users to instantly apply identical settings — including security, staging and kiosk configurations — to multiple devices.

Current MaxGo offerings include MaxGo Staging, MaxGo Kiosk and MaxGo KioskBrowser.

MaxGo Staging allows customers to set and apply the configuration for all their devices through a secure, easy-to-use online platform of more than 20 staging commands.

MaxGo Kiosk focuses mobile computer operation on a specific purpose by allowing users to lock device settings and restrict system and app access.

MaxGo KioskBrowser is a Chrome-based browser solution that limits device use to certain websites and functions while allowing access to specified data capture tools, such as the barcode scanner or camera.

“Customization capabilities are an extremely high priority for our Handheld Android customers, and we designed MaxGo specifically to offer the secure, curated experience these users require,” says Jerker Hellström, CEO of Handheld Group. “MaxGo apps are free, easy to use, and incredibly effective for managing device configurations, even across large-scale mobile computer deployments.”

The MaxGo suite is available at no cost for Handheld Android rugged computer users.

Read more about MaxGo apps here, or contact Handheld to learn more about current and upcoming MaxGo offerings.

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