Woolpert Collecting Orthoimagery, Lidar for Texas Council’s Planning, Economic Development

The North Central Texas Council of Governments contracted with Woolpert to provide value-added mapping services for its Spatial Data Cooperative Program.

Dallas (Oct. 1, 2018) — The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) contracted with Woolpert to collect orthoimagery and lidar and provide value-added mapping services for its Spatial Data Cooperative Program (SDCP). The SDCP is a public-private partnership that addresses common infrastructure and planning needs over a 16-county region, including the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

The orthoimagery, lidar and derivative products are being collected under a five-year contract. This data is accessible to the NCTCOG’s 238 members via the Regional Data Center, which provides objective information and related analytics for use in planning and economic development.

Woolpert Project Manager Sam Moffat said the firm has worked with NCTCOG for many years and has seen the benefit of the organization’s shared geographic information system (GIS) resources across municipalities of all sizes.

“The NCTCOG successfully leverages big contracts to get lower-priced geospatial data for individual and collaborative applications,” Moffat said. “For instance, you can have the town of Highland Park, which is just 3.7 square miles, and they can get this data at a price that is significantly lower than if they were to contract for the services themselves. They also can use that data to see how others in the region are addressing similar issues by performing important demographic studies for the region’s smart growth strategies, regional planning, land development and hazard mitigation.”

Moffat added that Woolpert’s experience, local resources and commitment to providing this service to municipalities across the country enable the firm to facilitate NCTCOG’s objective to provide any member entity, no matter its size or population, with a convenient and cost-effective means of procuring valuable spatial data.

The NCTCOG collection for 2019 is now underway.

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