UltraCam Panther & UltraMap Terrestrial v1.0 Released

Vexcel UCP UMTe 1Graz, Austria • October 1, 2018 – Vexcel Imaging is announcing the release of the UltraCam Panther in conjunction with the UltraMap Terrestrial v1.0 software. Available now, customers can exploit Vexcel’s portable mobile mapping system to cover outdoor projects for visual documentation and exploration for a multitude of use cases such as mobile mapping, disaster response, risk analysis or damage inspection. Processing of the content-rich raw data recorded by the UltraCam Panther can be performed with the new UltraMap Terrestrial v1.0. The sophisticated processing software provides an ultra-fast and transparent workflow to create high quality data products necessary to gain rich spatial information about the surrounding environment. UltraMap Terrestrial v1.0 is available within UltraMap Studio.
This is only the first step along the road! Incremental software feature extensions for both the UltraCam Panther and UltraMap Terrestrial will follow in the near future, extending the broad range of applications to indoor use as well as enhancing the high accuracy of the UltraCam Panther even further.
About the UltraCam Panther
The UltraCam Panther features include:
  • Industry-leading 172 Megapixel spherical image capture
  • recisely georeferenced data products
  • Dense 3D point clouds from multi-beam LiDAR
  • Precision manufactured and time synchronized sensor rig
  • Factory adjustment for each individual module and camera unit for highest geometric accuracy
  • Modular concept allows customization to meet varying needs
  • Portable and ruggedized design for use in a wide range of environments

About UltraMap Terrestrial
The UltraMap Terrestrial v1.0 features include:

  • Quickview images recorded with the raw data for rapid image quality assessment
  • Sophisticated image processing algorithms ensuring well-balanced geometric and radiometric reproduction of captured content
  • Processing of all available output products triggered by a few mouse-clicks
  • Generating high-resolution, high-volume data distributed via UltraMap Framework, thus enabling scalable processing
  • Tight Orbit GT Mobile Mapping workflow integration