USIBD’s Cornerstone Report #11: Hardware Now Available

Tustin, California – September 19, 2018 – The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) is very pleased to announce the publication of the most recent Cornerstone Report, #011, on Hardware.  The previous Cornerstone survey on hardware was conducted in 2014.  Download the report here from USIBD’s new and improved website.

Many new technologies have been introduced to the industry in the last 4 years. We aimed to take a both broader and deeper dive into the exciting reality capture hardware available today. The report discusses five major categories of hardware—stationary laser scanners, mobile/hand-held laser scanners, UAV/UAS photography, 360­-degree photography, and stationary site cameras.

This 30+ page report is by far the most in-depth and comprehensive issue of the Cornerstone Report issued to-date.  By reading it you will gain a better understanding of important trends happening today in the adoption of Building Documentation technologies. The raw data can also be downloaded separately and reviewed.  We hope you find this information insightful, and welcome your feedback.

All of USIBD’s Cornerstone Reports are now available online at:

About the Cornerstone Report
The goal of these reports will be to provide unbiased industry user reviews of everything from hardware and software to general ‘State of the Industry’ breakdowns. They will be performed for two purposes: on a quarterly basis with reoccurring themes and sporadically to measure the industry for specific causes.