New EU General Aviation Regulation Creates One Big Sky Over Europe

European Commission answers questions at EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT

Frankfurt/Karlsruhe, 17 July 2018. The new EU general aviation regulation will be coming into force in just a few days’ time. This marks a new era for drones and will create one big sky over Europe for unmanned aviation. The new European Union regulation will enable operators of unmanned aircraft to use previously banned modes of operation and types of deployment in the future. The same rules will also apply in all EU member states for the first time.

The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT on 15 October 2018 in Frankfurt is the first European conference at which operators and manufacturers will be able to discuss the general aviation regulation’s consequences. Prominent members of the European Parliament, the EU Commission and industry will set out how the law will be implemented. The CEOs of DJI and Yuneec will join Koen de Vos from the European Commission in outlining the new requirements and opportunities for the drone industry.
Aiming for a safe, quiet and emission-free European drone market
The effects of the new law will be felt not only in the areas of logistics, surveying and inspection but also in the development of air taxis and the security sector, marking a new chapter in the history of aviation. The main challenges for the new legislation involve ensuring safety/security and uniform international regulations in the face of innovation and new business models. “We must ensure all drones are safe. Any incident will affect the success of the entire sector,” stresses Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Marian Jean-Marinescu, who will be answering questions about the new regulation at the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT 2018.
Possible drone applications have increased rapidly in recent years – especially with regard to inspections – and the market potential for drones has mushroomed in a very short space of time. New business models for these flying sensors are emerging on a daily basis. Following a reclassification in the general aviation regulation, for example, fully automatic inspections will now be possible over large distances. Safe flying beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) in the future is thus opening up a whole host of possible new uses. Thanks to drones and integrated software, previously difficult and time-consuming inspections can now be completed automatically in a matter of minutes. Examples include automatic flights to check rail lines, detect leaks in district heating lines or survey stockpiles, buildings or bridges and then quickly and efficiently evaluate the data collected. The potential savings in traditional sectors of industry are huge.
The new possibilities and underlying conditions are significant for all areas of business and industry. The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT and INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS are both part of INTERGEO, Europe’s number one event and conference for drone applications. Over 120 companies will be showing the industry and the service sector how using unmanned aircraft can cut costs. Protection and safety aspects will also be covered, with a dedicated area devoted to defence against drones and their safe control.

At the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT, entrepreneurs, drone operators, industry representatives and public officials can find out about the decisions that need to be taken. Specialist workshops will provide participants with concrete answers to questions about logistics, inspection, drone defence and safety, together with an idea of the form the future UTM drone control system will take. Tickets for the conference are still available at a reduced rate until 20 August.
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As the first platform for the entire drone sector, the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT gives users, legislators and representatives of various technologies the opportunity to meet and talk about relevant issues and ideas for the future. Political experts, industry specialists and user groups gather to discuss solutions for safe commercial unmanned aircraft systems in Europe. The goal of the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT is to channel ideas and decisions relating to unmanned aircraft systems in such a way as to highlight how UAV technology can be used now and in the future by representatives of various sectors. The focus is on economic benefits and safety. The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT is taking place on 15 October 2018 in Frankfurt. The INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO is the largest commercial drones trade fair in Europe and is being held from 16 – 18 October, also in Frankfurt.