58th Civil GPS Service Interface Committee Meeting Scheduled for 24-25 September

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Coast Guard Navigation Center (NAVCEN) are pleased to announce preparations for the 58th meeting of the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC). The meeting will be conducted September 24-25, 2018, at the Hyatt Regency Miami in Miami, FL, in conjunction with the Institute of Navigation’s ION GNSS+ 2018 conference.

CGSIC meetings are free and open to the public. Subcommittees of the CGSIC for Timing, International Information, and Survey, Mapping, and Geosciences will hold meetings September 24, and a summary of these meetings will be presented to the CGSIC plenary session September 25. Please join us for important briefings on the status of ongoing Global Positioning System programs with a Keynote Address by Brigadier General John Shaw, Director Strategic Plans, Programs, Requirements and Analysis, Headquarters, Air Force Space Command.

The CGSIC agenda in development can be found in the CGSIC section of GPS.gov.