The Biggest Growth Areas in the Drone Market are Surveying and Inspection

The UAV sector is becoming more professional.

Karlsruhe, 9 April 2018 | In a recent market survey, experts from the UAV sector analysed and assessed the current situation in the drone market. The survey questioned 350 German and international manufacturers and providers that produce drones or use them professionally. Expert interviews were also conducted and evaluated.

The findings shed real light on the UAV market and the issues of those involved. They highlight challenges but also a very clear trend in the industry towards growth and professionalisation.

“The idea of conducting surveys or inspections without drones has now become unthinkable,” says Kay Wackwitz, CEO of Drone Industry Insights, summarising the findings of the industry barometer. “These two fields are already showing the highest usage figures by far and are expected to deliver the biggest growth in the industry over the next 12 months,” he continues. However, there is also a strong upwards trend in other areas of application.

As the industry survey indicates, surveying and inspection are the top applications in the UAV market, with 80 percent of all drones launched for these purposes alone. Professional users such as drone-as-a-service providers clearly confirmed this in the survey, as nearly half of them specialise in precisely these applications. For example, they map pieces of land and agricultural areas and inspect infrastructure by using the sensors on the drones to gather huge volumes of data for subsequent analysis.

Companies provided a thoroughly positive assessment of market development in the industry barometer. They intend to invest significantly in developing hardware and software, but also in the fields of marketing and sales, as there are still plenty of companies that are unaware of what an efficient tool a drone can be. The aim of the industry is to provide customers with perfect packages comprising end-to-end solutions.

The industry currently sees the legal framework conditions as a challenge. For example, the companies indicated that it still takes too long to get a flight permit and the application process is too bureaucratic and not standardised. Nonetheless, it is still possible to develop efficient solutions and projects for customers when working within the known legislation.

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INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS 2018 will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from 16 to 18 October.
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