Classical Iraqi Geodetic Control

In our November 2005 issue, we published an article titled Development of the Iraqi Geospatial Reference System.

In our Jan-Feb 2006 issue, we published a letter to the editor from Dr. Eng. Ryszard Pażus regarding prior classical geodetic work that had been performed in Iraq. Dave Doyle from NGS responded and his response can be found HERE

Recently, Dr. Pażus sent the following: “In 2006, my feedback was published. From the subsequent exchange of correspondence with David Doyle, NGS Chief Geodetic Surveyor, it appeared to me that the reports of this project were lost. My article is an attempt to improve the situation. This is an archive description of methods that are completely unused and forgotten now.”

Dr. Eng. Ryszard Pażus’ excellent compendium about these prior efforts can be found HERE