Oregon Achieves 100 Percent Engagement in eRecording

Raleigh, N.C. – Oregon has become the ninth state to reach the 100 percent mark with all its recording jurisdictions eRecording-enabled.
Colorado was the first multi-jurisdictional state to earn the 100 percent designation in 2011, with Arizona reaching that landmark in 2012. Massachusetts and Iowa reached the 100 percent mark in 2015, while Hawaii, Alaska, Delaware and District of Columbia also claim 100 percent of jurisdictions eRecording.

With the number of counties that are eRecording across the nation now nearing 1,800, an increase of more than 150 jurisdictions in the past 12 months, significant progress has been made toward nationwide acceptance of electronically recorded documents.

Electronic recording (eRecording) is the process of submitting electronic documents to a land records office which receives and examines those documents, calculates fees and receives electronic payment for those documents, as well as the subsequent electronic return of the recorded documents to the submitter. When compared to a paper-based process, eRecording improves the quality of data, reduces turn-around times and provides significant cost savings for both the end-user submitter and the recording jurisdiction.

"eRecording has hit another milestone with Oregon moving into the 100 percent column,” declared Mark Ladd, PRIA president, and vice president of regulatory and industry affairs with Simplifile. “We are steadily enabling between 10 and 15 new jurisdictions each month with many of those using PRIA’s eRecording Best Practices for Recorders to adopt seamless implementation strategies.”

“It’s exciting to see so many counties embracing this technology and, along with the technology, the PRIA standards,” said Larry Burtness, recorder, Washoe County, Nev., PRIA’s vice president.

With the addition of Oregon, a critical mass of recorders now has the capability to accept electronic documents. Currently 82 percent of the population of the United States lives within an eRecording enabled jurisdiction.

PRIA, the national standard-setting body for the property records industry, maintains a list of counties that have implemented eRecording technology and posts the list on the association’s Website (www.pria.us). The list includes counties whose implementations have been confirmed by PRIA and is available to the public.

About PRIA
PRIA develops and promotes national standards and best practices for the property recording industry by identifying appropriate opportunities for collaboration among industry stakeholders; developing recommendations for standards and best practices; encouraging and supporting the adoption of such standards and practices; providing a clearinghouse for property-records-related information; and educating members, stakeholders and the public about the property records industry.