SXblue Announces The Most Cost-effective GNSS Receiver On The Market

Montreal, QC – Committed to our customer needs and the development of affordable professional products, we are pleased to announce the SXblue Premier, the most cost-effective GNSS receiver on the market, available in Submetric version (GNSS) or Centimetric version (RTK).

The new SXblue Premier GNSS receiver is equipped with the Pacific Crest Maxwell 6 Trimble technology with BD910 (GNSS version) and BD930 (RTK version) OEM boards, delivering 220 channels to acquire and track GNSS signals from all constellations in view. It makes effective use of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and SBAS signals for outstanding highly precise positioning.

Its dimensions and light weight make it compact, rugged and easy to handle for a pleasant field work. SXblue Premier is equipped with dual mode for Bluetooth V2.1 and Bluetooth V4.0 ensuring the unit’s wireless communication with any of your Android or Windows terminal. With its two models, the user will have large efficiency and flexibility on the field either with SBAS corrections or RTK reference network.

In addition, SXblue Premier can be easily configured for WiFi hotspot, allowing users to connect and access the Web UI management platform. It can be used as a data link as well, providing a quick connection to the internet and receive corrections from CORS network so that it can process RTK measurements.

With its internal memory using 8GB Solid State Disk, SXblue Premier provides enough storage space for field data collection or raw data recording for a high data sampling rate.

Multiple compatible softwares will meet the users’ diverse need, making SXblue Premier more powerful and flexible. Among them FieldGenius, Carlson, Collector for ArcGIS have been successfully tested.

About SXblue
For 15 years, SXblue has been developing and manufacturing professional GPS mapping receivers and software products sold around the world. You can visit the SXBlue GPS website at