CEESCOPE Echo Sounder Now Available With NovAtel OEM7 555-Channel GNSS Receiver

CEE HydroSystems’ CEESCOPE “all in one” shallow water hydrographic survey single beam echo sounder system is now available with NovAtel’s latest low power, high performance OEM729 GNSS receiver built-in. The new GNSS option for CEE echo sounders used on manned boats and unmanned vessels brings a vast increase in available channels versus the previous generation CEESCOPE, offering a future-proofed option with improved interference rejection, and better performance in challenging GNSS environments.

The TerraStar L-Band support remains and the OEM729-equipped CEESCOPE is available with a built-in UHF radio modem and direct Ethernet connectivity to the GNSS receiver for NTRIP cell-phone RTK corrections. The CEESCOPE “all in one” represents the most compact, highest performance single beam hydrographic survey system on the market.

For more details, visit www.ceehydrosystems.com