PRIA Releases Position on Electronic Notarization

Raleigh, N.C. – The Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) has released a position statement on electronic and remote notarization, which states that “PRIA supports the timely adoption of legislation and administrative rules that encourage and facilitate the use of electronic notarization. We believe any future updated statutes or regulations should provide guidance regarding: (1) electronic notarization; (2) traditional in-person notarization, and (3) the emerging practice of online appearance, sometimes referred to as remote notarization. We further support the inclusion of private and public sector stakeholders in the rulemaking process.” The full statement can be found HERE.

According to Mark Ladd, vice president of Regulatory and Industry Affairs at Simplifile, and president of PRIA, “There is currently a lot of energy and confusion in the marketplace regarding the various emerging technologies that support the important work that notaries do. PRIA supports innovation that preserves the historical and legal reasons for notarization that are foundational to our robust real estate market. We want our members and industry partners to have confidence in the documents that are presented to them.”

Larry Burtness, recorder, Washoe Co., Nev., and vice president of PRIA, observed, “The PRIA position statement on notarization is an example of PRIA’s vision to be the leading resource for the property records industry. The notarial act is critical in the property records space, and the technology components of electronic and remote notarization continue to bring new efficiencies to the process. Sitting business and government players down at the same table is how PRIA gains consensus and contributes in this arena.”
About PRIA
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