Responding to Carrier’s Decision to Retire 2G/3G Networks, Intuicom Announces RTK Bridge-X Trade-In Program

Users Can Get a $500 Trade-In Credit for Their Older 2G/3G Modems

Boulder, CO – (December 22, 2017) – Intuicom, Incorporated, a premier supplier of wireless data solutions and a pioneer of wireless connectivity for the survey, machine control, and precision agriculture industries, announced today an RTK Bridge-X Trade-In Program in response to Verizon and AT&T decision to retire their respective CDMA networks (1x/EVDO, 2G/3G). Moving forward, 4G LTE will be the only network these carriers will continue to support.
To ensure the most robust connectivity for their customers, Intuicom’s Trade-In Program provides users a cost-effective way to replace their outdated modems with a state-of-the-art, Intuicom 4G LTE RTK Bridge®-X. Renowned for its cellular signal sensitivity and the breadth of its communication capabilities, the 4G LTE RTK Bridge®-X supports the fastest connections available (up to 100Mbits/s) for 4G LTE wireless networks nationwide.
The RTK Bridge-X Trade-In Program lets users earn a $500 trade-in credit on any 4G LTE RTK Bridge®-X when they trade-in any existing Intuicom RTK Bridge (or qualifying competitive modem). Modems eligible for trade-in include Intuicom RTK Bridge®-M, Intuicom Bridge®-C, Intuicom 3G RTK Bridge®-X, Trimble DCM-300, Sierra Wireless GX450, Sierra Wireless Raven Airlink, and DIGI Connect. Other modems may qualify, please contact Intuicom at: or by calling: 303-449-4330 for more information.
Enhanced Speed and Expanded Coverage
By leveraging 4G (fourth generation) mobile data technology and LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks, the latest iteration of the RTK Bridge®-X is capable of delivering substantially faster upload/download speeds while taking advantage of the expanded coverage and connectivity offered by cellular providers supporting 4G LTE technology.
“The demand for data accessibility and throughput continues to grow,” says Jim Sidwell, Director of RTK Sales and Business Development, Intuicom, Inc. “Whether it is the farmer in the field, or the heavy machine operator on the job site, our users rely on our RTK Bridge®-X to facilitate essential communications between their correction source and their equipment, regardless of the brand or color it is.”
About Intuicom, Inc.
Intuicom provides wireless data solutions designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements for long-range remote or mobile device networking. Intuicom provides unsurpassed performance and flexibility. Founded in 1999, with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, Intuicom solutions enhance applications including precision GPS, traffic control, transportation, and automation. You can learn more about Intuicom at