Democratization of BIM: How BIMRAY Maximizes ROI on Building Information Modeling

San Diego, CA, – November 15, 2017– BIMRAY ( – Many organizations spend thousands of dollars and potentially much more on their BIM investment. The eternal question is: Are they getting the most benefit from their investment? Are they able to manage massive datasets internally and share it with stakeholders, clients and project team members?

Imagine the possibilities to get real BIM data into the hands of those who can benefit the most: Engineers, designers, planners, geologists, foresters, surveyors and facility managers. BIMRAY puts “your facility on your desktop” allowing anyone in an organization to access, view, analyze, measure, amend, edit and share BIM data with no specialized software, knowledge or training. The idea is to maximize your BIM investment by leveraging the benefits throughout the organization to all who have a need for this valuable information.

The ability to analyze, view and interact with BIM data and 3D models in customized 3D scenarios is perfect for any infrastructure project such as buildings, roads, bridges, pipelines, electric transmission lines, and telecom towers. BIMRAY offers an immersive experience from a virtual 3D world, providing an interactive learning environment to improve situational awareness by consulting, practicing and simulating real world situations without leaving the office reducing organizational costs, risk of injury and liability.

“BIMRAY® displays a 3D visual environment of assets on location to update, add and append field inspection information directly to the asset, including pictures and videos delivered as an integrated web-deployed solution, with customized functionality to suit your needs” said Ken Cummings, BIMRAY® founder. “From data collection through publishing the application, our team works in partnership with you to extract the maximum value from your data. Additionally, we provide interactive location emergency management training simulations – tablet, desktop and VR headset versions using the same technologies.”

BIMRAY has overcome the technological barriers that BIM has traditionally presented making it accessible to anyone in an organization, maximizing BIM technology investment by leveraging its benefits throughout the organization, and increasing the number of potential users who can benefit from the valuable information BIM provides.

Utilities, Telecoms and facility owners face tremendous operational challenges every day in managing transmission lines, cell towers and all types of infrastructure. They need to decide what equipment or machinery or personnel to commit when accessing a given structure or facility that may be restricted by terrain, steepness, remote access, or hazardous environments.

Having LiDAR, ortho photos and BIM data accessible for all team members to access makes these day to day operational challenges much easier with less risk when addressed online in the office saving expensive, time-consuming trips to the field.

With critical knowledge walking out the door every day, continuing mistakes in the field by contractors, and the cost of potential errors in the field and ensuing repercussions, the consequences for not utilizing good building data can be dire. Now, facility owners and asset managers have available to them information technology, intelligence and situational awareness that can help them avoid costly and onerous pitfalls by employing the right tools.

BIMRAY provides a very useful tool for managing BIM data. All potential users who don’t know or cannot manage BIM data will be able to understand and work with this information drawing conclusions from BIM data. Without expert BIM knowledge or specialized software, personnel can detect danger areas, measure distances and monitor valuable infrastructure.

BIMRAY maximizes return on BIM Investment by allowing all users to access and work with the information allowing the entire organization to realize the benefits from BIM data. Improve and streamline decision-making, reduce organizational costs, risk of injury and liability by reducing the need to put personnel and equipment in the field.

Now, your projects and assets can literally be at your fingertips—without revisiting the physical site or mobilizing crews. Asset managers can access their projects at the click of a button. Check out the BIMRAY website for more information about the BIMRAY Customized 3D Interactive Asset Tool at:
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