Table of Contents – The American Surveyor – Vol.14, No11 2017

A Final Point in Honor of Henry David Thoreau
Continuing with last issue’s tribute to one of our most famous surveyors.
By Mike Pallamary, PS
Decided Guidance: Bryant v. Blevins Part 2 – The Majority Opinion
“(The defendants)…failed to demonstrate that an uncertainty as to the true boundary line led the prior coterminous owners to agree to fix the boundary…”
By Jason E. Foose, PS
The Compass Meridian Stones of Frederick, Maryland
To combat the inherent inaccuracies of compass surveys, in 1870 the legislature enacted periodic alignment requirements.
By R. Wayne Twigg
Shifting Approaches to Landslides
New technology is enabling positive shifts in the approach to detecting and mapping landslides.
By Mary Jo Wagner
Test Yourself 46: Boxed In…Again
Exercising geometry and trigonometry skills..
By Dave Lindell, PS
From Various Contributors
By Dave Lindell, PS
Vantage Point: How to Help
The recent hurricanes provide an opportunity to help surveyors in need.
By Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM