Table of Contents – The American Surveyor – Vol.14, No10 2017

Thought Leader: Statues
With all the talk about taking statues down, I propose we put one up.
By Mike Pallamary, PS
Decided Guidance: Bryant v. Blevins
Our most important function in a free society, judicial service, is neglected in the contemporary education system.
By Jason E. Foose, PS
Vantage Point: Radioactive
Is it possible to separate personal life and professional life so completely that one does not taint the other?
By Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM
Remote Control
A new approach to precise GNSS positioning is cutting time and costs in remote locations.
By Erik Dahlberg
The Moving Meridian and the True American Surveyor
A look at how one of the lines between Texas and Oklahoma jumped around until settled by the Supreme Court in 1936.
By Joseph D. Fenicle, PS
Street Smarts
The strengths of [laser scanning] technology were perfect for what the Smart Cities concept represents.
By Larry Trojak
Parcels, Takings, and Environmental Protection in Murr v. Wisconsin
A controversial Supreme Court ruling requires courts to now decide whether a parcel merger has resulted in a regulatory taking.
By Lloyd Pilchen, PS, Esq.
Test Yourself 45: Simple as Cycling
Circles O & Q intersect at F and G. AFC is a common secant. AB is tangent to circle Q, BC is tangent to circle O. BG crosses circle O at D. CD extended crosses AB at E. AE = 500.000′, EB =400.000′. What is the length of BC?
By Dave Lindell, PS
The Business of Laser Scanning: Surveyors & “Wedding Photographers”
A new columnist from our sister pub LIDAR Magazine takes a provocative outside look at surveying.
By Ken Smerz