SXblue Introduces Its Ultimate Survey Grade GNSS Receiver

Montreal, QC – We are pleased to announce the SXblue Platinum, the latest model in the SXblue series. This high accuracy GNSS receiver is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android Bluetooth, and provides real-time professional-grade positioning information.

Powered by its 394 channels, the SXblue Platinum uses all-in-view constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS) with triple frequency, and provides the ability to use global or local coverage for corrections (SBAS, L-Band and RTK).

With the scalable SXblue Platinum Basic, users can activate any frequency or constellation at anytime following initial purchase. The receiver is also field-upgradable which means that these options can be remotely activated at your convenience.

It was developed on the success of the proven SXblue receivers that were designed to optimize SBAS performances under tree canopy and in rugged terrain. In addition to location performances when working in a restricted environment, the SXblue Platinum is introducing an L-band signal correction via the Atlas service. This worldwide satellite-based correction system can deliver up to sub-decimeter accuracy. Thanks to its new Tracer™ technology, the receiver can sustain its level of accuracy when the Atlas signal is interrupted. The Atlas service can also stream data over the internet (NTRIP) while ensuring the best available vertical and horizontal accuracy.

Another new innovative feature integrated on the Platinum model is the aRTK™ technology. This feature will allow RTK corrections to be received via the Atlas service, when RTK corrections have not been received for a period of time. For an Atlas-subscribed user device, a high accuracy will still be available at the subscribed service level until RTK is restored.

The new receiver is the same compact, lightweight, palm-sized unit as the SXblue series, which is completely dustproof and ruggedized. The internal, rechargeable, field-replaceable Li-Ion battery has on-board LEDs for easy access battery life information.

The SXblue Platinum is targeted at GPS/GIS mapping and survey professionals in industries such as forestry, utilities, agriculture, environmental and other natural resource industries in addition to local, state and federal government users. With a wide variety of compatible software and mobile devices, the support team can help users choose the perfect solution for their applications. A free iOS application for NTRIP/DIP configuration, named iSXblue RTN, is available from the App Store.

About SXblue
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