Survey and Mapping Company Partners with Leading Unmanned and Manned Flight Service Experts

Richmond, CA, June 19, 2017 – Full Service Aerial Mapping Solutions
The combined capabilities of the partners extend the range of services, sensors, and platforms, and provide each partner with the ability to offer their clients a solution that starts with fast-acquisition, high-resolution aerial data capture through delivery of superior survey and map products.

Quality Imaging and Geopositional Technology
• Fleets of UAS technology and pilots strategically located throughout the Western US
• Fleets of manned aircraft and pilots throughout the nation and internationally
• 20+ UAS aircraft equipped with high-end small format cameras for mapping
• FAA STC-certified camera pods for aircraft providing custom aerial imaging solutions
• GPS/GNSS and IMU data capture for precision georeferencing
• Multiple DSLR cameras
• Video, thermal, multispectral 4-band and 5-band systems, hyperspectral
• Lidar systems ranging in capabilities

Certified Map Data Products
GeoWing brings over 50 years of combined experience in aerial mapping. Certified Photogrammetrists, Licensed Civil Engineer, Licensed Land Surveyor, and Geospatial Analysts use cutting-edge mapping technologies such as dense point-cloud generation and scan-to-mesh alongside traditional photogrammetric methods such as stereo data compilation to provide client-centric mapping solutions.
Benefits of GeoWing Partnership
New imaging and data processing technologies allow GeoWing and its partners the ability to offer high-end products with cost savings over legacy mapping systems. The partners have strategically positioned a large fleet of aircraft and imaging sensors to provide close proximity to job sites throughout the US providing timely and affordable service:   
Partnering with GeoWing is a natural extension to the products and services we provide. Our turnkey aerial imaging and mapping systems are now backed by the knowledge and expertise of recognized experts in the mapping industry. Clients can now confidently represent the precision and accuracy of the data they gather using our aerial platform configurations. 
—Michael Estigoy, COO of SkyIMD
We are excited to be partnering with a surveying and mapping team as experienced and respected as the professionals at GeoWing. Our experience flying rigorous terrain such as the May 20 Big Sur landslide, and name brand  vineyards in and around Napa Valley makes for a natural fit with these top notch partners
—Kevin Gould, CEO of Hawk Aerial
About GeoWing   
GeoWing is an aerial mapping firm founded in 2015 and located in Richmond, CA. GeoWing is devoted to continued advancement in the application of mapping sciences and bringing the best mapping services and products to its clients.