COPTRZ Release First UK Drone Market Intelligence Report

The surveying and emergency services sectors are set to be revolutionized by drone technology according to a newly released report.

COPTRZ, the commercial drone experts, have released the UK’s first drone market intelligence report, ‘Eyes on the Sky’, with results gathered from a database of over 45,000 commercial drone users and enthusiasts, the majority of whom are expecting significant business growth, thanks to the adoption of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology.
The report finds that photographers are the earliest adopters of drone technology but 38% of people believed that the Surveying sector stands to benefit the most from using UAVs in a commercial capacity. Emergency Services were also highlighted as a sector which stands to be revolutionised by the application of drones, where the technology can be used for search and rescue missions and crime scene investigations.
The report comes at a time when the UK Government is compiling the results of its own consultation of individuals and businesses to ensure that drone technology can be safely leveraged for the benefit of public and commercial activities, which support UK innovation targets.
As Steve Coulson, managing director of COPTRZ explains, the UK drone market is a thriving sector which is influencing innovation across the board.
“Many people consider drone technology to be in its infancy here in the UK and as much as consumer sales are potentially falling, sales of drones for commercial uses are actually increasing week by week.
“This report is being released at a time where the adoption of UAV technology is seeing great momentum in industries such as civil engineering and construction, emergency services and video production. With the number of companies now operating fleets of drones increasing by over 1500% in three years, we decided that it was a good time to find out where people prioritise on their technology requirements and where people saw the greatest opportunities for business expansion here in the UK.
“As a DJI Enterprise partner, COPTRZ has been able to benefit from access to the latest product intelligence to be able to clearly advise and support our customers as they look to integrate UAV technology into their business.
“Representing such a major player in the global drone technology market enables us to stay ahead of the curve and we will continue to work with commercial UAV users to ensure that the UK stays at the leading edge of drone innovation.
“This report allows any business who has been toying with the idea of using drone technology to proceed with the confidence that this is a growing sector and demand for UAV services are increasing dramatically.”
COPTRZ was formed in 2016 and provides specialist services to the commercial UAV market to help businesses to access the benefits of drone technology.

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