New Google Apps Using Raw GNSS Measurements and IGS Real Time Products

CNES just made available two applications on the android play store (compatibility Android N):

– RTCM Converter: which aims at converting the smartphone GNSS raw measurements to RTCM (message type 1077) and send them to a caster, for use by a third party software.

– PPP WizLite: which is a port of our PPP client (code and Doppler only, lite version) on android. Accuracies of 1-2 m can be reached in kinematic mode, and sub-meter in static mode (using external SBAS data). To do so, there is a need to pull external RTCM streams  for orbits/clocks corrections and broadcasts, like the ones available at the IGS RTS. 

These apps have been validated on a Nexus 5X device with no phase support for me moment. 

The links are available for installation: