Amberg Releases Tunnel and Navigator 1.6.4

Amberg Tunnel is ready for your scanning projects

With the new powerful releases you can now process all your measuring data more efficiently and have a smooth data interface to BIM platforms. In addition to the main release, we have also implemented some useful features which make your work with Amberg Tunnel 2.0 more efficient.

What’s new in Amberg Tunnelscan module?


New positioning method: 

Multiple targets – checkerboards and sphere targets

With the Amberg Tunnel release it is now possible to position also scans with checkerboards and sphere targets. This will increase your flexibility for positioning your scans in Amberg Tunnel.




The new position method is available only in the Amberg Tunnelscan Plus module.


Learn more about the possibilities of Amberg Tunnelscan in our leaflet. Download it here in English and German.


New Analysis: Undulation

The surface of the shotcrete should be smooth and even. Steel elements, such as reinforcement bars, steel girders and the heads of rock bolts should be detected, removed or covered with shotcrete before the membrane system is installed. The problematic evenness of areas of the shotcrete will be detected by Amberg Tunnel Undulation analysis.


The new Analysis can be purchased individually. The minimum requirement is an Amberg Tunnelscan Basic or a Plus module. The analysis is also available in the flex model (renting on a yearly fee).

What’s new in Amberg Tunnel Navigator module?


New powerful 3D editors for tasks

One of the most powerful features of this release are the new 3D editors for stationing and section based tasks. Depending on the task type, you can have a look on the definition in 3D instead of just the side or top views. Especially for complex task definitions this is a big help and makes the definition easier.



What’s new in Amberg Tunnel General?


New editors for theoretical profile, theoretical section, block definition and transverse slope


Additional to the new editors you can also profit from the new features:

  • Import of TUN files (SBG Software) for theoretical profiles
  • Split elements from theoretical profiles
  • Use the 3D view tab for block definition and transverse slope
  • Edit the values direct in the table and not in a separate mask


Top improvements since the last software release


General improvements

  • Support of Turkish language for Amberg Tunnel (user interface and reporting) and Amberg Navigator
  • Support of Italian language for Amberg Tunnel (reporting only) 
  • Export 3D mesh from Amberg Profile (Datasheet: English and German) analysis as *.obj and *.ply files for a smooth data transfer to BIM platforms
  • Contour task (Amberg Navigator): new setting for start search on selection
  • Amberg Navigator tablet: Reset button for log data on the tablet
  • Blast round scan task: Processing is now possible when the project axis is too short
  • Blast round scan task: Manual prism mode is also possible


What’s coming next?


We are right now working on the next powerful maintenance release of Amberg Tunnel and Amberg Navigator. We can already give you a short outlook what will be in the next release:

  • New task: Critical area
  • New Editor: Control point
  • Calculator for shaft
  • Blow up multiple theoretical profiles 

Release Notes


More details about all the improvements and enhancements in this software release can be found in the Release Notes, which are available in English.


Customers with a Support & Maintenance Agreement can download this new release directly from our website.

Our Amberg Tunnel team will be pleased to answer any questions and enquiries you may have. To take a detailed look at your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us or your local representative.