Hemisphere GNSS Introduces IronOne Rugged Display & Computer for Machine Control Applications

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) hardware for building your machine control & guidance systems

Las Vegas, NV, USA – March 7, 2017 – Today, at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017, Hemisphere GNSS, Inc. (booth G71925) introduces the IronOne Rugged Display & Computer. Purpose-built for harsh machine control environments, IronOne meets IP67-standard certification and uses an 8” sunlight-readable LCD display. IronOne adds another system component and empowers heavy equipment manufacturers to deliver their own machine control and guidance solutions to their customers.

“IronOne is a rugged display that can easily be adapted to any customer’s requirements,” said Matt Steele, product manager at Hemisphere. “With an IP67 rating, high-end processor, and top-of-the-line embedded Windows 10 operating system, IronOne will withstand and exceed expectations in some of the most challenging environments in the machine control landscape.”

Connectivity features on the IronOne include Ethernet, CANbus, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth and offers optional cellular modem for maximum connectivity in the field. The easy-to-read 8” TFT-LCD capacitive touchscreen display is ideal while inside heavy machinery where different viewing angles are required.

IronOne is agnostic and can support site-specific management tools or grading-specific software that requires high-processing speeds and fast update rates. The computer contains an Intel Atom dual-core processor making it ideal for heavy processing requirements. With expandable memory and industry standard connectivity, the IronOne provides one of the most customizable solutions available.

Agility and Technology Meets Iron
Manufacturers are looking for flexibility and price performance in existing system offerings or in new systems. Hemisphere is providing the world’s first “full system OEM positioning solution toolkit” for building complete machine control and guidance systems with the announcement of the
GradeMetrix™ application software and an array of compatible GNSS hardware components. These include C321 RTK Base & Rover with SiteMetrix™ Site Management Software, A326 Rugged GNSS Smart Antenna, Vector VR500 Rugged All-in-One Smart Antenna, and Vector VR1000 Rugged GNSS Receiver. Please visit our booth G71925 at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 from March 7 to 11 in Las Vegas, NV to see our offerings in person.

About Hemisphere GNSS
Hemisphere GNSS is an innovative technology company that designs and manufactures high-precision positioning products and services for use in OEM/ODM, marine, machine control & guidance, agriculture, and L-band correction service markets. Hemisphere holds numerous patents and other intellectual property and sells globally with several leading product and technology brands including Athena™, Atlas®, Crescent®, Eclipse™, and Vector™ for high-precision applications. Hemisphere is based in Scottsdale, AZ, USA, with offices located around the globe, and is part of Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd.