Intuicom Announces Streamlined Cellular Activation Program for RTK Bridge-X

Partnership with Data Activation Center to Cover Activation Service and Support Nationwide

Boulder, CO – (February 28, 2017) – Intuicom, Incorporated, a premier supplier of wireless solutions to the precision agriculture and machine control industries, announced today that it has partnered with Data Activation Center to service and support all future RTK Bridge®-X cellular activations nationwide.

To simplify the activation process, Intuicom now ships all Verizon 4G LTE RTK Bridge®-X devices in North America with a SIM card provided by Data Activation Center, who will work directly with purchasers to identify and activate the most appropriate cellular data plan for their individual application. While users are not required to use this SIM card or Data Activation Center, all support for cellular activations is being facilitated by Data Activation Center.

“Our relationship with Data Activation Center goes back many years,” says Tom Foley, president and CEO of Intuicom, Inc. “They have consistently delivered superior customer service and support for our customers, and their pricing is tough to beat. Our customers will truly benefit from their experience dealing with the individual carriers. We are proud to partner with them for the cellular activation of our precision communication products.”

With its wide array of communication capabilities, the RTK Bridge®-X is a single device capable of facilitating unequalled access to user’s data and network RTK corrections. Able to secure cellular connections where other devices cannot, the RTK Bridge®-X serves as a WiFi hotspot delivering Internet access to all the user’s wireless devices, including smart phones, tablets and laptops, all in the comfort of the operator’s cab.

About Intuicom, Inc.
Intuicom provides wireless RTK and data communication solutions designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements for long-range remote or mobile device networking. Intuicom provides unsurpassed performance and flexibility. Founded in 1999, with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, Intuicom solutions enhance applications including precision agriculture, surveying, and machine control. You can learn more about Intuicom and the wireless solutions they offer at

About Data Activation Center
Data Activation Center is the leading service provider of data plans in the United States for Agriculture and Construction applications. Since 2010, Data Activation Center has been delivering unrivaled Customer Service for buyers of machine-to-machine (M2M) equipment. Together they offer more than 50 years of combined experience working inside the major wireless carriers in data management, business sales and customer service. They have the contacts and know how to get issues resolved quickly. More information is available at: