Table of Contents – The American Surveyor – Vol.14, No2 2017

Thought Leader: Our Own Worst Enemy
…there seems to be some loss of quality at the stage in the work where judgement is applied and decisions are made.
By Lee Lovell, Ps
Reconnaissance: A Land Title Survey in 15 Hours? LOL
Our ALTA expert examines the HeroX competition to eliminate the need for surveyors.
By Gary Kent, PS
Vantage Point: In and Out of the Box
The protection of the public requires recognizing and admitting help is needed and seeking it.
By Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM
Decided Guidance: Staying Within Your Survey
There’s no need to swim to Hawaii for pineapples when you are standing in a grocery store full of fruit.
By Jason E. Foose, PS
Surveying & Mapping Industry Economics
A Colorado surveyor mines data to provide an insightful look at what has happened to the surveying community.
By Lee Lovell, PS
Captain James Riley: The Sea, the Sahara, the Swamp and the Sea
A celebrated GLO Deputy Surveyor had an incredible life with much hardship before he ever began surveying.
By Joseph D. Fenicle, PS
I Hope I Will Never See a Tree That Cannot Be
In Part 2, one of our eminent statesmen continues sharing his knowledge about trees, this time mis-identification.
By Walt Robillard, PS, Esq.
C&GS Surveyor Lt. Chares Pierce: Southwest Desert & Mountain 1934-35
In Part 2, the NOAA historian discusses the days when surveying was really tough.
By Albert "Skip" Theberge
On the Level with NSPS: Constant Progress-New Beginnings
Let us all take this opportunity to recommit ourselves to our families, our practices and our profession.
By J. Anthony Cavell, PS