Amberg Tunnel – New Software Releases

With the new product release you are now able to process all your scan data with the Amberg Tunnelscan module. Beside the main release we also implemented some important features for an efficient daily work with Amberg Tunnel 2.0.


New Product: Amberg Tunnelscan Plus

Amberg Tunnelscan Plus completes the tunnel portfolio of Amberg Tunnel. It is now possible to analyse point clouds generated from Amberg Navigator, Amberg ScanControl or from any other point cloud source in Amberg Tunnel.  


3D point cloud analysis of processed scan data

Get a first impression of all features from Amberg Tunnelscan. You can download a demo version of the new software here


Your benefits of Amberg Tunnelscan

With the new Amberg Tunnelscan product, you can:

  • Control your entire tunnel project with Amberg Tunnel including tunnel scan data
  • Filter your point clouds with intelligent algorithms (e.g. no manual masking is needed for blast round scan data)
  • Reposition your point clouds based on new control point coordinates or with an automatic target detection algorithm
  • Process scan data of a complex tunnel design or against other measured scan data

Amberg Tunnelscan – Adding value to your scan data

The new Amberg Tunnelscan datasheet is now available. You can download the datasheet from our website or directly here:


Amberg Tunnelscan Datasheet


Amberg Tunnelscan Datenblatt

What else is new?

The new product release of Amberg Tunnel also comes with the below features:

  • New 3D Overview editor for easy project navigation. You can open any analysis directly from the 3D view. This allows a fast navigation inside Amberg Tunnel
  • Update in the profile performance of the Amberg Profile module for a fast navigation and analysis of profile measurements

NEW 3D overview editor with construction progress information (Source: Amberg customer who uses the complete Amberg Tunnel portfolio)


Amberg Navigator 1.6.3

 With the new version you can profit from the features below:

  • Higher scan resolution when scanning with Leica MS50 or Leica MS60
  • Manual prism mode available for "Blast Round Scan" task with laser scanner
  • Improvement for the usage of the new Geotechnical 3D Points task 


Phase out of the TMS Office product portfolio

With the release of Amberg Tunnelscan we also transferred the missing module from TMS Office (TMS Tunnelscan) to the Amberg Tunnel 2.0 platform. 

With this release we announce the phase out of the TMS Solution products which includes TMS Profile, TMS Setout and TMS Tunnelscan. All the products are maintained and also supported until the end of 2017. 


The Amberg Tunnel team will be pleased to answer any questions and enquiries you may have. To take a detailed look at your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us or your local representative