CEE HydroSystems Announces Launch of CEESCOPE Echo Sounder for Hemisphere GNSS Atlas

CEE HydroSystems announce the release of their latest “all in one” hydrographic single beam echo sounder survey system, designed for users wishing to obtain the benefits of precise multi-constellation GNSS positioning through the flexible Hemisphere Atlas® L-Band subscription service.

With the new Hemisphere GNSS P326 Eclipse™ OEM receiver installed inside the waterproof CEESCOPE™ enclosure, the latest CEE package offers a scalable approach combining dual frequency GNSS with the world-wide Atlas L-Band® correction service. Users gain access to decimeter-accurate positioning and the benefit of multi constellation performance with a single subscription. With several accuracy levels and subscription periods available, Atlas users only pay for the accuracy they need when they need it; upfront equipment investment is also minimized by the Hemisphere approach. “The CEESCOPE is often selected by surveyors working in remote locations where its simplicity of operation, ruggedness, and reliability are key benefits. The new Atlas L-Band solution is well suited to these surveys when basic autonomous or SBAS GPS is inadequate – such as rivers with substantial tree canopy, but RTK is either impractical or cost-prohibitive” said David Garforth, CEE HydroSystems Director and hydrographic surveyor.

Hemisphere’s Atlas is a flexible cost-effective subscription GNSS corrections service, delivering signals via L-Band satellites. With 200 reference stations worldwide, L-Band satellites distribute coverage from 75°N to 75°S.

CEE HydroSystems supply hydrographic surveying equipment from their Sydney, Australia and San Diego, USA locations. For more details on the CEESCOPE™, click HERE