2G Robotics Providing Exclusive Preview of New Underwater Laser System at EIVA Days

September 8, 2016 – Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – On September 14 and 15, 2G Robotics will provide EIVA Days attendees with a unique preview of new technology during an exclusive live demonstration of the highest resolution, longest-range laser solution, the ULS-500 PRO. 2G Robotics’ CEO, Jason Gillham, will be presenting on this new technology and performing the dynamic scanning demonstration.

With a cutting-edge high sensitivity, low noise sensor, the ULS-500 PRO can reach ranges previously unattainable with laser scanning, resolving fine-scale dimensional features from distances as far as 20 metres. The ULS-500 PRO also provides stills imaging capabilities. 2G Robotics’ stills imaging camera and smart subsea light can attach to the ULS-500 PRO to seamlessly capture still images between laser profiles.

The ULS-500 PRO has proven its performance offshore during recent trials and deployments. The system was recently mounted to a vessel to dynamically scan shipwrecks in Lake Huron. EIVA operator on the deployment, Kevin Tomanka, Senior Hydrographer and Data Processor at OARS, noted that the “the laser data is very dense and at standard survey speeds of 4-5 knots the ULS-500 PRO captured over 6500 points per square meter.” Tomanka stated that the “ULS-500 PRO sets a new benchmark for data density and quality. Similar to the advent of Multibeam Echosounders into mainstream usage over the last few decades, it is clear that laser point data combined with digital still images will be the new standard for high-resolution seabed mapping going forward.”

EIVA Days attendees will be able to get up close with the ULS-500 PRO, watch it in action, view results, and discover how it interfaces with EIVA’s survey and navigation software.

EIVA Days is a two-day event that offers presentations and demos of the latest news from the EIVA NaviSuite software world, EIVA’s hardware portfolio and other equipment developed by some of the strongest players in the offshore and shallow water industry. The event will be held September 14-15, 2016 at EIVA headquarters and at Aarhus Harbour in Denmark. For more information and to register: http://www.eiva.com/about/events/eiva-days-denmark-2016