Amberg Tunnel – New Software Releases

New versions of Amberg Tunnel software products were released. With the new releases we also announce the new product Amberg Tunnelscan and the renaming of Amberg Profile (before Amberg Control). 

Please find details about the new product, features, changes and their benefits below or in the Release Notes

Software module overview of Amberg Tunnel products


New Product: Amberg Tunnelscan Basic

Amberg Tunnelscan Basic completes the tunnel portfolio on Amberg Tunnel. It is now possible to analyse point cloud generated from Amberg Navigator, Amberg ScanControl or any other point cloud source in Amberg Tunnel.

Point cloud editor which can visualise reflectivity and also true colour point clouds


Your benefits with Amberg Tunnelscan

With the new Amberg Tunnelscan product, you can:

  • Control your entire tunnel project with Amberg Tunnel incl. tunnel scan data
  • Filter your point clouds with intelligent algorithm
  • Reposition your point clouds based on new control point coordinates or with an automatic target detection algorithm
  • Synchronise your data efficient from the Amberg Navigator tablet to the Amberg Tunnelscan module

Amberg Navigator Tablet with Laser Scanner

The new datasheet is now available. You can download the datasheet from our website or directly here:


Amberg Tunnelscan Datasheet


Amberg Tunnelscan Datenblatt

Amberg Tunnel Version

The new product Amberg Tunnelscan is available with the Amberg Tunnel version and you can profit from the features below:

  • Supports Windows 10 operating system
  • New tasks for Amberg Navigator:
    Area Scan and Geotechnical 3D Points
  • Better connections of measured profiles in corners
  • Optimisation of data storage of project elements

The detailed information of the new features you will find in the Release Notes.


Amberg Navigator 1.6.0

 With the new version you can profit from the features below:

  • Supports Windows 10 operating system
  • Automatic scan data transfer to Amberg Tunnel
  • Faster project import from Amberg Tunnel
  • New language: Korean

The detailed information of the new features you will find in the Release Notes.

Area Scan

  Works with Leica MS50/MS60

  • Defines an area with 4 points
  • Defines the resolution
  • Stores data for later analysis in Amberg Profile or Amberg Tunnelscan

Geotechnical 3D Points

  • Measures 3D points from Amberg Geotechnics module efficiently
  • Measures geotechnical 3D points reflectorless, standard prism or Leica mini prism
  • Stores measurements for a direct import to Amberg Geotechnics
  • Stores measurements for adjustment of 3D coordinates in gsi16 format


Amberg Applications 7.1 / 6.3

  • Amberg Applications 7.1 supports Leica Captivate FW 2.0
  • Amberg Applications 6.3 supports Leica Viva FW 6.0


Amberg ScanControl 1.0.2

  • Supports now also Chinese language
  • Supports now also Windows 10 operating system


The Amberg Tunnel team will be pleased to answer any questions and enquiries you may have. To take a detailed look at your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us or your local representative.