CompassCom and Latitude Geographics Announce Application Partnership

Centennial, Colorado, 21 June 2016 – CompassCom and Latitude Geographics today announced a new partnership that makes real-time mobile asset tracking directly accessible in Latitude’s popular Geocortex Essentials product. Asset location, mapping and messaging data captured by the CompassLDE platform can now be ported seamlessly for display into a Geocortex map interface.


CompassCom will discuss the CompassLDE-Geocortex integration in booth 445 at the 2016 Esri User Conference, June 27-July 1 in San Diego.


“Organizations can stream real time information into their Geocortex application so supervisors know where their vehicles, smartphones and other GPS-enabled assets are located and what they are doing,” said CompassCom CEO, Brant Howard. “This enhances the safety of the mobile workforce and efficiency of operations.”


Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Latitude Geographics’ Geocortex technology complements Esri’s modern Web GIS and ArcGIS platform. Geocortex is one of the most popular frameworks used to launch applications every day by public works and utility department supervisors within city, county and state governments across the United States.


CompassLDE® (Location Data Engine) is the universal automatic vehicle location (AVL) and mobile resource management (MRM) platform. Capable of integrating location and status data collected by any GPS-equipped hardware and transmitted over most wireless communications carriers, CompassLDE tracks vehicles and other high-value assets in multiple fleets simultaneously for live display on a digital map. The server integrates hundreds of combinations of GPS-enabled hardware and wireless networks, both commercial and private, to enhance the Geocortex users experience with real time data in single application.  


“Latitude Geographics and CompassCom have many customers in common,” said Paul Salah, Partner Director for Latitude Geographics. “The integration of our products greatly simplifies their ability to view the activities of mobile assets and work orders on a single map interface.”


For existing CompassCom and Latitude Geographics clients, there is no new software to buy or install. CompassLDE communicates with Geocortex through a REST web services to share real time location and status matched to the end user workflow.


Integration between CompassLDE and Geocortex also allows organizations to take a step beyond monitoring and tracking mobile resources. The data captured by CompassLDE related to fuel use, mileage and other vehicle metrics can be combined with public works and utility activities for analysis by Geocortex to yield insights into operational efficiencies, enabling supervisors to use their assets and personnel more cost effectively than before.


“The integration with Geocortex makes the CompassCom solution much more user friendly and allows us to dive more deeply into analytics relating to our mobile resources,” said the City of Akron GIS/Asset Management Director, a long-time user of CompassCom and Latitude Geographics products.


About CompassCom

CompassCom has been at the forefront of the AVL industry and an Esri partner since 1994, providing enterprise-level solutions using the Esri ArcGIS platform. Originally designed for tracking the locations and status of vehicles, the CompassTrac® web-based map display and CompassLDE® platform leverage client investment in GIS technology to monitor smartphones, Motorola private mobile radios and any mobile assets equipped with GNSS telematics. CompassCom solutions provides a common operational picture for governments, public safety agencies, public works departments, DOTs and other organizations that want a real time solution tailored to support their mission.  For more information, visit


Latitude Geographics helps organizations succeed with web-based geography and make better decisions about the world around them. Latitude Geographics’ Geocortex® software helps organizations accomplish even more with their investments in Esri’s ArcGIS® platform, transforming how they develop, design, and maintain web mapping applications. Latitude has been an Esri Platinum Partner since 2010.