iCMTGIS PRO and Arrow GPS Take On RTK GPS Tasks

April 26, 2016, Oregon, USA – Corvallis Microtechnology, Inc. announces compatibility of its iCMTGIS PRO, a "survey-grade" iOS data collection software app with the Arrow Series GNSS receiver product line.
Per EOS Chief Technology Office Jean-Yves Lauture, "The market has been waiting for an iOS GNSS software that supports all survey-grade functions required for true high-accuracy data collection, and now it’s here."
iCMTGIS PRO is a professional GPS/GIS mapping and data collection app for use on the iPad and iPhone devices. It supports geoid height models, on-the-fly horizontal datum transformations, photo linking, data dictionary, construction staking functionality and Geotiff background maps. It lets the users easily import/export Shapefiles, text files, Excel files, DXF files and KML files, send/receive files via ftp or email, as well as generate and view PDF files. In addition, it is capable of parsing the NMEA stream and displaying the GPS metadata for specific external GPS receivers. Now that iCMTGIS PRO supports the Arrow GNSS receivers, it will display the position data as well as the estimated horizontal and vertical accuracy, PDOP, HDOP, # of satellites from the high-precision receivers.
iCMTGIS Pro is a stand-alone app that doesn’t require Internet connectivity and does not have any associated software subscription fees. The software’s low cost of ownership combined with the Arrow 200 makes for a powerful iOS-based RTK centimeter-level GPS/GIS data collection package. When used with the entry-level Arrow Lite/100, iCMTGIS Pro collects 60 cm real-time data using SBAS in North/Central America, Europe and North Africa, India and surrounding regions, Japan and surrounding regions.
In addition to the federal, state and local governments, the iCMTGIS Pro software and the Arrow Series GNSS receivers target the GIS and surveying users in environmental, agriculture, the electric, gas and water utilities, surveying, transportation, mining, and various other GIS applications.