Table of Contents – The American Surveyor – Vol.13, No4 2016

Thought Leader: Overcoming Weaknesses in Boundary Surveying Programs
A renowned educator examines the current state and offers some suggestions.
By Dr. Richard L. Elgin, PS, PE
Spotlight: Small Precise GNSS Receiver
Champion WR1 GNSS Surveying System.
By Jeff Winke
The Formation of Surveyors
The new NSPS president provides an in-depth look at where new surveyors come from.
By Anthony J Cavell, PS
Minnesota: Stewarding a Proud Landscape
The Department of Natural Resources uses technology to manage its vast holdings.
By John DiConsiglio
The Final Voyage-Part 8
Injuries to two vital crew members adds stress to families and the work season.
By Eric Stahlke, PS
Streamlining Accident Investigation
Technology enables quicker assessment to get the flow of traffic back to normal.
By Larry Trojak
A Matter of Centimeters
High altitude positioning required instruments that were resistant and easy to transport.
By Fulvio Bernardini
Test Yourself 30: Thinking Inside the Circle
Exercising geometry and trigonometry skills.
By Dave Lindell, PS
The Curt Brown Chronicles: The Feasibility of a Technology Program in Surveying and Mapping
The fault of educational deficiencies must rest squarely upon the surveyors themselves.
By Michael J. Pallamary, PS
Vantage Point: Another Chance at CFS?
The prospect of a national Certified Floodplain Surveyor program still exists.
By Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM