Vexcel Imaging Introduces the New UltraCam Condor for Nationwide Mapping

38,000 pixel across flight strip

Graz, Austria – April 13, 2016 – From the IGTF conference in Fort Worth, Texas, Vexcel Imaging announces the introduction of the new camera model, the UltraCam Condor. Designed for high-altitude mapping, the UltraCam Condor frame combines a high-resolution RGB image at 37,800 x 5,200 pixel with a lower resolution PAN data capture for automated DSMOrtho and DTMOrtho image generation that is consistently sharp, geometrically accurate and of superior radiometry. Its expansive footprint, along with the camera’s fast frame rate, allows capture of large regions – even continents – in record-time. This all-in-one system is complemented by a NIR channel, making the UltraCam Condor an ideal solution for agriculture, forestry and land management applications. The UltraCam Condor will be available in autumn 2016.

The key benefits are:
• 37,800 pixel swath width allow for wide flight lines such as 3.7km @ 10 cm GSD or 9 kilometer @ 25 cm GSD, providing greater coverage in shorter time.
• Well-balanced field of view of ±41 degree for utmost productivity and full use of the swath width.
• High-resolution RGB, panchromatic and NIR data all in a single pass.
• Full resolution in the RGB channel. No pansharpening necessary for high-resolution color imagery.
• Fast frame rate and mission envelope, along with forward motion compensation through time-delay-integration, allow operation at high aircraft speeds and in jets – rapid collection minimizes mission time and costs.
• Stable geometry and greater independence from GPS/INS accuracy is ensured by a frame sensor.
• To eliminate atmospheric effects typical of high-altitude mapping, an uncompressed 14 bit RAW RGB image format and full 16 bit processing workflow allows artifact-free, automated color correction during UltraMap post-processing.
• For maximum efficiency and productivity, the complete and fully integrated UltraMap workflow solution supports unlimited project sizes.

“The UltraCam Condor is our response to the growing demand for higher productivity and efficiency in collection of vast areas at rapid flight speeds”, says Alexander Wiechert, CEO of Vexcel Imaging GmbH. “Essentially an ortho-machine, the UltraCam Condor allows customers to fly higher, farther, and faster without making compromises in data quality.”

Stop by our booth #402 at IGTF to learn more.

About Vexcel Imaging
Vexcel Imaging, based in Austria and the United States, taps into more than two decades of photogrammetry expertise to offer state-of-the-art digital aerial and terrestrial sensor systems based on the latest and most-advanced technology. The system family is complemented by the fully integrated processing software UltraMap, delivering exceptional quality point clouds, DSMs, ortho imagery and 3D TINS.