MAVinci SIRIUS UAS: Discover the new 5.0 Features

3D city models // updated automatic landing // Corridor mapping and more…

MAVinci is proud to announce the new SIRIUS UAS 5.0 release! It features new camera options, new landing improvements and novelties in our mission control software MAVinci Desktop. Discover the video teaser here:

City mapping add-on: Capture textures of vertical (building) facades

The city mapping add-on enables you to capture fantastic 3D data sets that include the textures of vertical structures such as the facades of buildings. Take a look for yourself to discover data acquired with this new option:

Fly through the data:

This add-on combines the advantage of copter UAVs of capturing the texture of building facades with the long flight time of our SIRIUS UAV.  The demo shows a 90ha 3D city model with the following specs:

  • Acquired with: SIRIUS pro UAS with city mapping add-on
  • Flight time: 45 minutes
  • Manual interaction during planning and processing: <5 minutes
  • flight pattern: City mapping
  • Number of images: 2900
  • Amount of data: 16 GB raw data 30 GB final result
  • Resolution: 3 cm (also on the facades)
  • Processing duration: 1 day @2s 10c Xeon v3 + 256GB RAM + 2 x NVIDIA
  • Number of 3D points: 130 mio.

This add-on enables you in addition to acquire 3D models and orthophotos when you need to stay below 50m AGL due to flight regulations.

Webinar: “MAVinci Desktop – UAS Mission Control Software”

Take a tour through MAVinci Desktop, our professional software to handle all UAV related tasks from flight planning to processing. We will give you an overview of the software functions and capabilities and show you the new fantastic features.

The webinar is available as a recorded video. We will offer a live Q&A session on the following dates:
Mo, 18. April 09:00 pm (CEST/Berlin Time)
Di, 19. April 10:00 am (CEST/Berlin Time)

Please register for the webinar by providing your (company) contact information and a short sentence why you are interested in the webinar via email to 

Updated full automatic landing

Matt Ewing, Director of Airmap3D ( “I performed another flight today (…) and the landing was PERFECT! It literally touched down within 30cm of the planned landing point. Very impressed!!”

Land your SIRIUS UAS automatically on the spot within a 5 m radius in case of flat terrain and undisturbed air flow, within up to 20 m radius otherwise.


New flight planning Modes: Corridor mapping, full3D flight plans, spiral flight

MAVinci Desktop offers a new flight planning mode for corridor mapping. Create new flight plans easily with a few clicks:

Ensure a constant Ground Sampling Distance with the new full 3d flight planning: SIRIUS UAS will climb / descend on the flight lines to adapt the flight plan to the underlying 3D model:

3d flight path adjustment is compatible with all MAVinci flight pattern.

Cover the maximum area within the line of sight with the new spiral flight pattern:

Other new features:

  • PhotoScan 1.2 support
  • New “spoileron” landing in assisted mode
  • Batch export of matchings
  • Automatic photo log download after flight plan ready
  • RAW image processing work flow
  • Translation into French and Russian
  • Automatic adaption of motor RPM to takeoff altitude
  • Post processing export to “3Dsurvey”-Software

Full change log here: 


Please find demo data regarding the new lens options on our public ftp: 2016 

Workshop: “Practical Experience with the SIRIUS UAS in Surveying Applications”

You will get a real insight into all our innovations and get to know the SIRIUS Surveying UAS. The workshop will take about 6 hours. The workshop will take place on the Thursday, 12th of May from 10:00 – 16:00 (CEST/Berlin Time).

Please register for the workshop by providing your (company) contact information and a short sentence why you are interested in the workshop via email to

Number of participants is limited, the workshop is free of charge.


Whitepaper: "The Sirius Unmanned Aerial System – Technical Overview & Field Applications"
Get an overview of the MAVinci fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Sirius, the flight planning software MAVinci Desktop and the post-processing of the acquired data.  The technical specifications of the UAS will be presented, with a special focus on the autopilot, the spatial measurement units, and the different camera systems.
Completed with an introduction to the advanced flight planning software, the whole workflow is described including post-processing and analysis of the resulting data.

Access the whitepaper under the following link: 

Free Demo of MAVinci Desktop:

MAVinci Desktop, a professional software to handle all UAV related tasks from flight planning to UAV control also functions as an interface to several post processing software solutions. With MAVinci Desktop you are able to handle all jobs from simple up to complex projects intuitively and time efficiently.

Curious about MAVinci Desktop? Try out yourself and order your free demo license now: 

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