Korean Peninsula GPS Jamming Notice

A continuing series of incidents have been reported in the general location of Incheon, Republic of Korea and the surrounding Gyeonggi and Gangwon provinces out to approximately 100 nautical miles beginning on or about 0000Z31March16. The nature of the events appear to be Global Positioning System (GPS) jamming emanating from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea causing signal disruptions to airplanes, ships, and buoys in the area. Exercise caution when transiting this area. If appropriate, further information may be forthcoming. Vessels experiencing disruptions in the area are urged to report them to the point of contact (POC) below. 

CIVILIAN – NAVCEN AT 703-313-5900, http://www.navcen.uscg.gov MILITARY – GPS OPERATIONS CENTER at https://gps.afspc.af.mil/gpsoc, DSN 560-2541, COMM 719-567-2541, gpsoperationscenter@us.af.mil, https://gps.afspc.af.mil MILITARY ALTERNATE – JOINT SPACE OPERATIONS CENTER, DSN 276-3514, COMM 805-606-3514, jspoccombatops@vandenberg.af.mil