Amberg Tunnel New Product Release: Amberg Applications 7.0

February 25, 2016 – Today, we are delighted to announce the new product release of Amberg Applications 7.0. The 7th generation of the on-board application for Leica total stations comes with the following three modules:

  • Amberg SetUp – for automatic setup of a total station
  • Amberg SetOut – for stake out along the tunnel axis
  • Amberg ProScan Plus – for 3D profile measurements


Amberg Applications is ready for Leica Captivate

Amberg Applications makes surveying tasks in tunnel construction faster and simpler. At the same time, the user gets the flexibility to react to changing requirements.


New 2D profile evaluation view in Amberg Applications on Captivate


Your benefits

Amberg Applications is the powerful on-board software for Leica Viva and Captivate total stations. A seamless workflow is guaranteed by using the Amberg Control module. This ensures trouble-free data transfer of project data and measurements from the tunnel to the office.

  • The Software is available in flex or buy model
  • Free Amberg SetUp module for automatic setup of a total station
  • Design data export from Amberg Tunnel
  • Comprehensive post processing of profile measurements in Amberg Control


Have you been captivated?

The new datasheet is now available. You can download the datasheet from our website or directly here:


Amberg Applications Datasheet

Amberg Applications Datenblatt