LizardTech to Demo Latest Version of GeoExpress in Upcoming Webinar

Seattle, Wash. — Feb. 11, 2016 LizardTech®, a provider of software solutions for managing and distributing geospatial content, is holding a webinar in partnership with Directions Magazine to demo the recently updated GeoExpress® 9.5.1. The webinar will be held on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016 at 11 a.m. PDT. The 20-minute webinar is free to attend and is titled “DM Demo Theatre: The Unveiling of the Latest GeoExpress.”  To register for the webinar, click here.

In this webinar, LizardTech expert and product manager Robert Parker will go into depth on the new and improved features of GeoExpress 9.5.1, LizardTech’s flagship product that compresses massive geospatial images and LiDAR data into high-quality MrSID files.  “The latest release of GeoExpress is full of user friendly powerful features, and we’re excited to show our users all the ways they can benefit from this versatile tool,” said Parker.

This demo, hosted by Directions Magazine, promises to improve your geo-processing power and will:

·        Highlight the new, streamlined UI

·        Demonstrate faster default workflow for existing MrSID images

·        Show off greater flexibility with  enhanced format support

Like all webinars through Directions Magazine, you can earn GISCI EDU (3 points). Certificates of attendance will be available upon request following this webinar.  

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About LizardTech
Since 1992, LizardTech has delivered state-of-the-art software products for managing and distributing massive, high-resolution geospatial data such as aerial and satellite imagery and LiDAR data. LizardTech pioneered the MrSID technology, a powerful wavelet-based image encoder, viewer, and file format. LizardTech has offices in Seattle, Denver, London and Tokyo. For more information about LizardTech, visit