Table of Contents – The American Surveyor – Vol.13, No2 2016

Thought Leader: Preserving the Profession
A Missouri surveyor discusses how one-man crews fail to train the next generation of surveyors.
By Daniel L. Govero, PS
The Curt Brown Chronicles: The Challenging Future for the Land Surveyor
From 1964, Curt discusses examination procedures, and also offers various comments on examinations.
By Michael J. Pallamary, PS
Difficulty in obtaining rock slide information with a total station led one company to switch to photogrammetry.
An update on the activities of the Technical Mapping Advisory Council to FEMA.
By Jerry Fireman
Complex 3D BIM Project Requires Mix of Cutting Edge Technologies
The repurposing of an existing building required high accuracy to establish elevations of gently sloping floors.
By Kevin P. Corbley
Software, Fieldwork Pay Off for Geomatics Students
Canadian students combine MicroSurvey software with fieldwork to streamline drawing and 3D model preparation.
By Robert Galvin
Leatherneck Surveyors – Part 2, The Island Mappers
The role of the USC&GS serving with the Marine Corps during World War II in the Pacific.
By Albert "Skip" Theberge
The HP 35s Calculator – Sliding Predetermined Area
Establishing a predetermined area by sliding a parallel line between two non-parallel sidelines is easy with this calculator program.
By Jason E. Foose, PS
The Fading Hand Writing on the Wall.
By Various
Test Yourself 25: Quadrilateral Division
Exercising geometry and trigonometry skills.
By Dave Lindell, PS
Vantage Point: Newest in the Ongoing Series
Our FEMA expert discusses the latest incarnation of the Elevation Certificate.
By Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM