VRMesh 9.0 Released with New Ribbon Interface and Significant Product Enhancements

Feb. 1st, 2016 – VirtualGrid is excited to announce the availability of VRMesh v9.0, the latest version of its powerful 3D point cloud and mesh processing software. VRMesh is best known for its unique point cloud classification workflow, extended feature extraction capabilities, and high accurate triangle meshes. This new release offers more control than ever over these cutting- edge technologies through a new intuitive user interface, new integrations, and enhanced work efficiency.

The key improvements have been summarized as follows:
• Work faster with a modern interface, a customizable Quick Access toolbar and contextual tabs
• Make data easier to work with by adding a widget box for dynamic adjustment
• Offer more flexibility to a walkthrough animation
• Allow creating a round pipe or a square pipe from point clouds
• Measure the deviation between two surfaces at each cross-section
• Rendering speed increased significantly
• And more…

With the launch of version 9.0, VRMesh has reached a new level of maturity. Our customers come from a wide range of industries, including land surveying, civil engineering, mining, architecture, manufacturing, gaming, etc. For more information or to download a free demo version, please visit our website www.vrmesh.com

About VirtualGrid:
VirtualGrid is the developer of VRMesh, an advanced 3D point cloud and mesh processing software tool. We focus on LiDAR remote sensing, reverse engineering, and rapid prototyping industries.