RIEGL is Attending the 2016 LFM User Meeting! Join Us for A Day in the Field Demonstrations


Immediate Release

Orlando, FL

January 28, 2016




RIEGL will be attending the 2016 LFM User Meeting and participating in A Day in the Field!


The 2016 LFM User Meeting is your opportunity to experience the latest and greatest LFM solutions, learn about new technologies that will be coming soon and most importantly, put forward your ideas and suggestions that help to shape the products you and your organizations use every day.


A Day in the Field will be where attendees of the 2016 LFM User Meeting will be able to get their hands on the latest scanning hardware in a real-world environment. A Day in the Field will be held on Thursday, February 4, 2016.


LFM has invited multiple hardware partners, including RIEGL, to showcase our technology and offer advice and tips for practical and efficient data capture. As well as accessing a multitude of hardware, this morning session will also provide attendees with an update on processing and consuming captured data using the latest LFM software suite.


Join us from 8:30 AM until 1:00 PM on February 4, 2016 for a Day in the Field!


RIEGL is looking forward to a successful conference at the 2016 LFM User Meeting and to seeing you at the Day in the Field!




About RIEGL:


RIEGL delivers cutting edge technology in airborne, mobile, terrestrial and the newest unmanned laser scanning solutions. From your initial purchase, to integration of the systems, as well as training and support, RIEGL stands out as a leader in the industry. The key factor to RIEGL‘s success is providing complete reliability and support to our customers.


As a result of this success, RIEGL is recognized as a performance leader in the mobile mapping, civil infrastructure, airborne scanning, unmanned, hydrographic, bathymetric, mining and terrestrial based industries. Our instruments are well known for their ruggedness and reliability under demanding environmental conditions.  RIEGL‘s various 3D scanners offer a wide array of performance characteristics and serve as a platform for continuing "Innovation in 3D" for the laser scanning business.


RIEGL USA, located in Orlando, Florida, serves as the North American center of sales, training, and support for all RIEGL products.


RIEGL: Building Systems, Delivering Performance