OCAD 12 ThematicMapper Closes a Gap for Production of (Thematic) Maps

Baar, Switzerland, 26. January 2016 – The latest version of the cartography software OCAD offers numerous innovations. This includes the development of a ThematicMapper edition, with which you can create statistical-thematic maps with the help of a step-by-step wizard. However, for the production of topographic maps and city maps OCAD 12 offers a variety of new tools, which greatly simplifies their production.

So far, OCAD has had its strengths in the production of topographic and city maps. With OCAD’s ThematicMapper it is now possible to produce statistic-thematic maps. It was developed in close cooperation with the Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation at ETH Zurich. The core of the application is a step-by-step wizard, which leads through the process of selection of data and visualization methods to the complete thematic map considering cartographic rules. The process can be automated using XML scripts. The OCAD 12 ThematicMapper was recently awarded with the "Prix Carto – Digital" Award of the Swiss Society of Cartography (www.prixcarto.ch).

The already extensive drawing and editing tools of OCAD were complemented: creation of city maps benefits from specific editing tools for buildings. With a single mouse click buildings can be generalized and created with right angles. Edges of buildings and house corners can be moved interactively while maintaining right angles. For topographic maps hill shadings and contours lines can be calculated out of laser scanning data thanks to the step-by-step wizard, even quicker. The improved smoothing function for contour lines maintains predefined angle change to produce an exact and harmonious contour line images. In addition, boulder fields can be depicted with irregular symbol patterns. Map objects now get a time stamp while created or edited.

Another innovation is the introduction of multiple representation. This enables the creation of cartographic objects at different location (e.g. text label displacement at the edge of map sheets) or symbols. Visual changes of the graphic user interface include docking panel. This enables tool bars to be placed anywhere for instance on a second screen. Moreover, the newly added buttons makes the access for tools even more efficient. OCAD 12 is available in both 32-bit as well as 64-bit version. The latter is particularly for better handling of large background maps and laser scanning data.

For a detailed overview of all new features of OCAD 12 OCAD in Wiki (www.ocad.com/neu) under What is New?

The OCAD 12 Mapping Solution is the new flagship of the OCAD products. It allows to produce and combine topographic maps or city maps as well as statistical thematic maps. OCAD 12 Professional is targeting towards the production of topographical maps and city maps, whereas OCAD 12 ThematicMapper is designed for the production of statistical thematic maps.

About OCAD
For 28 years, OCAD Inc. has continuously developed its namesake software application OCAD in different editions for the production of topographic maps, city maps, orienteering maps and newly also thematic maps by welcoming and incorporating customer requirements. In addition, technical support, consulting and training is offered. OCAD Inc. is an independent limited company owned by individuals. The office is at Baar, Switzerland. OCAD Inc. also has representatives in a number of other countries.