Sky-high Success with NM Group’s New Innovative Service – Patrol+

NM Group, a specialist provider of solutions and services to electricity utilities, is pleased to announce an innovative new service.

Patrol+ is designed to enhance patrol and safety inspection activities undertaken by helicopter. Using the latest imaging systems and lightweight LiDAR technology, alongside NM Group’s sophisticated processing technology, the service collects geospatially located asset information and enables accurate and cost effective detection of:
•    Vegetation encroachments/infringements
•    Hardware defects on wooden poles and steel structures
•    Safety issues on the line or corridor
•    Accurate location of structures

The service enhances existing patrols by taking the geospatially located data from the aircraft and exporting it through a series of analyses to provide a simple set of intelligent defect reports. These are then used to more effectively manage risk and reliability on the network. The results are then presented in such a way that they can be actioned via the work management system and integrated into the asset management system. Relevant, functional reporting better informs maintenance teams and improves the efficiency of planned field activities.

Patrol+ provides an easily accessed record of the powerline corridor at a given time period, delivering a robust audit trail to demonstrate statutory compliance. Clients can use their own helicopters, those of a preferred contractor, or one from NM Group’s qualified suppliers.

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