Table of Contents – The American Surveyor – Vol.12, No11 2015

Thought Leader: Chaos, Confusion, and Carelessness
A response to Evan Page’s rebuttal in the November issue.
By Michael J. Pallamary, PS
Vantage Point: The Fading Hand Writing on the Wall
The author wonders if we are losing the ability to decipher ancient cursive script.
By Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM
The Curt Brown Chronicles: What Should Be The Education For Land Surveying?
From 1957, Curt draws the distinction between technicians and professionals, and where each should be trained.
Compiled by Michael J. Pallamary, PS
Fabrication of the Telescope Cradle and Tripod for the John Bird Transit Telescope
A master restorer creates missing parts for an important Mason and Dixon instrument.
By Jeffrey Lock
Talbert Abrams—The Father of Aerial Photogrammetry
A profile of the inventor of a purpose-built aerial platform and the iconic portable stereo viewer.
By Jerry Penry, PS
The Final Voyage—Part 5
For some reason monuments and monument holes have not advanced past the Bronze Age.
By Eric Stahlke, PS
Product Review: Satlab SL600 & SL-55
Our expert evaluates this Swedish entry into the GNSS market.
By Shawn Billings, PS
Tricks of the Trade: Chain Saws, Brush Hooks & Machetes
In this new department, a humorous look is taken at field gear we take for granted.
By Chad & Linda Erickson
HP35s Calculator, a Field Surveyor’s Companion–Elgin 911-Reverse Curve Problem
Our coding whiz determines the answer to one of Dick Elgin’s Test Yourself problems.
By Jason E. Foose, PS
Test Yourself 25: Find the Angle
Exercising geometry and trigonometry skills.
By Dave Lindell, PS
Reconnaissance: New 2016 ALTA/ NSPS Land Title Survey Standards Adopted by Societies
The latest iteration of this venerable standard is dissected by our country’s expert.
By Gary Kent, PS