Neptec Technologies Announces the OPAL-ECR 3D LiDAR for Low-Reflectivity Environments

Ottawa, Ontario – November 25, 2015 – Neptec Technologies Corp. is pleased to announce the OPAL-ECR (Enhanced Close Range), a new addition to its OPAL™ 2.0 family of rugged, obscurant-penetrating 3D LiDAR scanners. The OPAL-ECR is specifically designed for real-time applications in low-reflectivity target environments (like coal or iron ore), for distances up to 240 meters, and is offered at a highly competitive price/performance ratio. It is well suited for use in automation and collision avoidance applications on stacker/reclaimers, shiploaders, excavators, haul trucks and other heavy machinery, and for applications where reliable and predictable detection of targets, even with low reflectivity, is essential.

As with all OPAL™ 2.0 scanners, the OPAL-ECR is designed for harsh environments, achieves an operating temperature range of -40° to +65° C without fans or heaters for greater reliability, and is available in an all-weather IP67-rated enclosure. The OPAL-ECR is offered in a 90° or 120° conical field-of-view and integrates seamlessly with Neptec Technologies’ 3DRi™ (3D Real-time intelligence) Software Development Kit and 3DRi™ applications.
About Neptec Technologies
Neptec Technologies Corp. develops intelligent 3D sensor-driven robotics applications for harsh environments that improve the safety, productivity and cost-effectiveness of its customers’ operations. We use our industry-unique and patented 3D Real-time intelligence™ (3DRi) hardware and software technologies to solve real-world automation problems in Mining, Oil and Gas, Defence and Aerospace, or in any industry where intelligent 3D can help automate complex or dangerous tasks. We develop, supply and integrate intelligent 3D applications based on our family of obscurant-penetrating OPAL™ 3D laser scanners using our proprietary 3DRi™ Software Development Kit (SDK) and a library of software algorithms to extract actionable information from 3D scanner data in real time. The 3DRi™ SDK includes an intuitive user interface and innovative out-of-the-box features including automatic change detection, object recognition, object tracking and automatic scan alignment. Founded in 2011, Neptec Technologies is a spin-out of Neptec Design Group Ltd., an award-winning technology innovator for the Space market and NASA Prime Contractor. We are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit