Table of Contents – The American Surveyor – Vol.12, No10 2015

Thought Leader:
The Incredible 5,000 Mile Odyssey of a Survey Marker
By John D Hohol

Vantage Point: The Longer (Wetter) View
Residual risk represents a future condition not currently depicted on floodplain mapping.
By Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM

The Curt Brown Chronicles: The Objective of a Written Exam
The Objective of a Written Exam Curt reminds us that we are not trying to license technicians; we want people with good judgment.
Compiled by Michael J. Pallamary, PS

Surveying at 20,000 feet—A Challenge of Mountainous Proportions
Known as The Great One to Alaska Natives, the tallest peak in North America is the object of a GNSS height survey.
By Mary Jo Wagner

Conflict? What Conflict? Surveyors, not the Supreme Court, Create Confusion
Responding to the article in the March issue, a California State Lands Commission surveyor weighs in.
By Evan Page, PS

From Snow’s Sting to Solar King
GNSS solutions help LPCiminelli bring SolarCity’s centerpiece solar panel facility to life.
By Larry Trojak

The Final Voyage-Part 4
“You know, there is a lot more to surveying than what they teach you in school…”
By Eric Stahlke, PS

HP35s Calculator, a Field Surveyor’s Companion: Part 12: Resection: Fieldwork
In the final installment, the author provides coding for something modern total stations made feasible.
By Jason E. Foose, PS

ALTA/ACSM Standards and the Record Description
By Various

Test Yourself 25: Stationing a Curve
A California surveyor takes over providing problems for this popular column.
By Dave Lindell, PS

Reconnaissance: Professional Surveyors: Where—and Who—Art Thou?
The average age of a realtor in the United States is 57 years old. And only 6% of them are under 34. If those numbers sound familiar, they should.
By Gary Kent, PS