TerraGo Edge Version 3.8 Brings Swagger to Mobile GPS Field Data Collection

Available today, TerraGo Edge® version 3.8 adds new REST API functionality with Swagger™—the world’s most popular API framework, to simplify the integration of TerraGo Edge with other enterprise applications, and further enhances mobile GPS survey features to improve efficiency of field data collection. New features in version 3.8 include:
• TerraGo Edge REST API, Swagger-enabled: Easily integrate third-party enterprise applications directly with TerraGo Edge Server using simple HTTP methods in JSON format, with any programming language, on any platform, and utilizing OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication.
• Auto-record GPS Lines and Polygons: Ability for field data collection workers to automatically record GPS lines and polygons (also known as “streaming”) as they move using the TerraGo Edge App.

Learn more about all the new features in the Product Release Notes.