RIEGL to Attend and Present at 3D Laser Mapping’s “Digital Information in 3D” Conference in London This Week


Immediate Release

Orlando, FL

November 2, 2015





RIEGL will be attending and presenting at 3D Laser Mapping’s conference "Digital Information in 3D". At the event, the new RIEGL VZ-400i terrestrial laser scanner will be officially launched in the UK!


"Digital Information in 3D" will be held at the Prince Philip House in London, UK on November 4 and 5, 2015. 3D Laser Mapping is RIEGL‘s long term partner and distributor in the United Kingdom.


The goal of the conference is to show why choosing 3D technology is a decision that will not only provide accurate and reliable measurements but will maximize the return on investment. RIEGL will showcase its broad range of laser scanners and scanning systems at the event and to report on the latest RIEGL developments in technical presentations. On site, there will be a display of RIEGL‘s new VZ-400i, the VZ-2000, the ultra-long range VZ-4000, as well as RIEGL‘s VUX-1 and RiCOPTER UAV!


"Digital Information in 3D’ will also be the official UK launch of the new RIEGL VZ-400i terrestrial laser scanner. Join us at the conference as the features and benefits of this new end-to-end laser scanning system will be shown to you!


Join us for the following RIEGL presentations!


Wednesday, November 4 

10:10 RIEGL Company Overview, Introducing the new RIEGL VZ-400i
10:30 RIEGL VZ-400i Detailed Product Info 
10:50 Latest developments – RIEGL technology (software & hardware) 
13:30 TLS Overview Software with focus on RiSOLVE and Police Applications
14:10 Industrial Laser Scanning Overview and Intro LD05 Distance Meters


Thursday, November 5

10:30 RIEGL Aerial Innovations – Introducing the RiCOPTER, VUX-SYS & VP1 Helipod
11:50 Bathymetric Laser Scanning – technology and case study 
14:30 RIEGL VMZ Introduction


RIEGL is looking forward to a successful conference and to welcoming you to "Digital Information in 3D"!



About RIEGL:


RIEGL delivers cutting edge technology in airborne, mobile, terrestrial and the newest unmanned laser scanning solutions. From your initial purchase, to integration of the systems, as well as training and support, RIEGL stands out as a leader in the industry. The key factor to RIEGL‘s success is providing complete reliability and support to our customers.


As a result of this success, RIEGL is recognized as the performance leader in the mobile mapping, civil infrastructure, airborne scanning, unmanned, hydrographic, bathymetric, mining and terrestrial based industries. Our instruments are well known for their ruggedness and reliability under demanding environmental conditions.  RIEGL‘s various 3D scanners offer a wide array of performance characteristics and serve as a platform for continuing "Innovation in 3D" for the laser scanning business.