Discover James Bond’s Travel Destinations with Interactive Map

Stunning locations, action scenes, amazing cars, and villains is what you can expect to see in a James Bond film. With the release of Spectre, the 24th installment of Bond films that will hit theatres in the US on November 6, Esri UK has created the James Bond Travel Map. Discover all of the exotic places 007 has visited while taking down mob bosses. 

Click ‘play’ on the interactive map below to see the 146 visits Bond has made to 49 countries. Pop-out boxes at each destination show which Bond film paid them a visit.

007 Travel Stats Revealed by the Map…
The top five countries most frequently visited by the famous spy are the UK with 32 visits, followed by the US with 15, Italy with 7, then China with Russia both with 5 visits each. 

And he hasn’t made it to Australia, Canada or Scandinavia, yet. 

Roger Moore takes the top spot as the most traveled Bond, having been to 44 locations during his 7 films. 

This table below shows how he compares:
Sean Connery – 6 films – 32 locations
George Lazenby – 1 film – 5 location
Roger Moore – 7 films – 44 locations
Timothy Dalton – 2 films – 10 location
Pierce Brosnan – 4 films – 27 locations
Daniel Craig – 4 films – 28 locations*

*This includes the five known locations from Spectre (Mexico City, London, Rome, Austria and Morocco).