JAVAD GNSS TRE-3 Successfully Tracks First Live TMBOC Signal

Newly launched BeiDou Phase 3 satellites have several new signals. One is extremely similar to future GPS L1C signal with time-division BOC(1,1) and BOC(6,1) signals. Such type of modulation is called TMBOC. Using the same approach, as described in an article at, the signal structure was decoded and L1C TMBOC tracking has been successfully tested on TRE-3 receiver. In addition, new signals on 1575.42+1.023*14 MHz (B1-2), 1176.45 MHz (E5A) and 1207.14 (E5B) frequencies for three satellites (prn 32, 33, 34) have also been decoded and tested.

Some graphs, illustrating the experiment:

I of BOC(1,1) (red), BOC(6,1) (green) and their sum (blue) vs code shift.

dI of BOC(1,1) (red), BOC(6,1) (green) and their sum (blue) vs code shift.

Horizontal axis: 0 – munus one chip chift; 327 – zero shift; 655 – plus one chip shift

C/NO and iono-free "range munus phase".

Slot – Beidou signal
C/A – B1
P1 – B1-2
P2 – E5B
L2C – B3
L5 – E5A
L1C – L1C