Maptek Shares Innovation With Customers in South America

13 October, 2015 – Maptek looks forward to sharing the latest innovations with customers at the XVII South America Users Conference to be held in Viña del Mar, Chile from 14-16 October.

‘Since our last conference, our customers have faced aggressive conditions requiring them to focus on cost reduction and consolidating their resources,’ commented Marcelo Arancibia, Vice President, South America.

‘Standardising on a single provider like Maptek is a good way to achieve this. Developing and delivering intuitive workflows across the mining execution value chain ensures processes are not managed in isolation. Decision makers can work effectively off a single data solution, helping to identify risks as well as opportunities to improve value.’

‘Innovation is the foundation of all Maptek solutions,’ added Arancibia. ‘Our world class Vulcan implicit modelling integrates block and automatic solids aspects of 3D models in a single tool, resulting in the most powerful three-dimensional design tool on the market. Users can combine various methods in a hybrid modelling approach which best suits their deposit and achieves the desired planning outcomes.’

Innovation extends to the scheduling phase where Maptek Evolution employs genetic algorithms to guide strategic and tactical planning at all resource and operation types’, added Arancibia. ‘Evolution optimises the scheduling process, maximising project revenue and dramatically reducing the time to run schedules.’

In the last 12 months Maptek has released I-Site Drive which enables continuous laser scan data acquisition from a moving vehicle. Survey, geology or geotechnical staff can simply drive around the operation to collect accurate data from stockpiles, haul roads and highwalls in a single pass.

Maptek has also updated spatial data analysis systems I-Site Studio, PerfectDig and Sentry with the latest sensing and visualisation technologies. Operations gain a competitive advantage by making optimum use of technical data.

BlastLogic tools for strategic management of drill and blast data continue to develop in sophistication in line with industry needs. Recent enhancement allows live access to drill navigation data alongside analysis tools for improving recovery, lowering contamination and trimming costs.

Networking with customers is an important part of the 3-day event.

‘We intentionally seek feedback and suggestions throughout the conference,’ concluded Arancibia. ‘This allows Maptek to ensure our solutions and services are relevant and add significant value.’

About Maptek
Founded more than 30 years ago, Maptek™ is a leading provider of innovative software, hardware and services for global mining. Maptek solutions are used at more than 1800 sites in 75 countries, with applications across the mining cycle. Maptek develops industry-leading software Vulcan™, Eureka™, Evolution and BlastLogic™ for mine evaluation, planning, design, scheduling, operation and rehabilitation. I-Site™ is integrated hardware and software for 3D laser scanning, surveying and imaging. The spatial data collected can be used for geotechnical analysis, stockpile measurement, design conformance and movement tracking supported by software systems I-Site Studio, Drive, PerfectDig™ and Sentry.